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We always encourage people to go out and enjoy their car in a safe and controlled environment. The following stages are designed for people interested in Road Racing and Autocrossing their Evo X, but even if you keep to the streets these track proven mods will help your car perform. We have many years’ experience building and supporting Evo X’s and these stages offer a clear path to make handle as if it were on rails!

These stages build upon themselves and it is recommended to purchase each stage as your driving skills improve.


Stage 1 is designed for people who are just starting out at the track. Whether it be at a road course or an autocross, the Evo X tends to roll pretty excessively due to its weight. These mods will help keep it level and stuck to the tarmac.

Stage 1 includes:

  • Whiteline 27mm Front Sway Bar
  • Whiteline 27mm Rear Sway Bar
  • Whiteline Sway Bar End Links
  • Torque Solutions Short Shifter
  • Short shifter install
  • Front swaybar install
  • Rear swaybar install

Stage 2

There is quite a bit of slop in the OEM rubber suspension bushings. This stage is designed to eliminate those weak points and make the suspension more crisp and tight.

Stage 2 includes:

  • Torque Solutions Solid Differential Side Inserts
  • Whiteline Front Roll Center Kit
  • Swift Spec R lowering springs
  • Hawk HP+ front pads
  • Hawk HP+ rear pads
  • AMSOIL Brake Fluid 2 qts
  • Install Rear Diff bushings
  • Roll Center Kit Install
  • Brake pad install
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Track Alignment to EvoD high performance street specs

Stage 3

Once you have attended a few racing events, you will begin to push the car harder and harder. This will stress the braking system and wear the outside edge of your tires. So this stage is designed to combat these problems.

Stage 3 includes:

  • Vorshlag Camber Plates
  • Whiteline Adjustable Rear Control Arms
  • Hawk Blue front brake pads
  • Camber Plate Install
  • Rear Control Arm Install
  • Brake Pad Install 2 wheels
  • Track Alignment to Evolution Dynamics Race specs

Stage 4

One of the weaknesses of the Evo X is the fueling system. On long left-hand turns, the fuel pick up will starve and cause the engine to run extremely lean and misfire. This is very dangerous for the engine and should be avoided at all costs. To combat the nuisance of having to top off your tank after every 15 minutes of track time, we designed a surge tank specifically for the Evo X.

Stage 4 includes:

  • EvoD Surge Tank with Walbro 255 and all necessary lines & fittings
  • EvoD Front Tow Hook Crash Beam
  • Cusco Tow Hook
  • Surge Tank Installation
  • Anodize surge tank
  • Crash Beam Installation

Stage 4a for SST Transmission

On hot summer days, you may find that you will overheat your SST transmission which sends the car into limp mode. While this isn’t harmful to the car, it can really limit your track day experience. This is why we recommend upgrading the transmission cooler if you plan to track your car on a regular basis.

Stage 4a includes:

  • SSP SST Front Mount Oil Cooler
  • Installation

Stage 5

Once you have learned some proper racing etiquette and technique, it is time to increase the handling performance of the car. The stage 4 upgrade will allow you to brake later, turn at a higher speed, and accelerate earlier out of the corners.

Stage 5 includes:

  • Enkei RPF1 18x9.5” Silver Wheels
  • Hankook RS-3 tires
  • Hawk DTC60 Front & Rear Brake Pads
  • EvoD Brake Cooling Duct Kit with relocated Engine Oil Cooler
  • Mounting of tires and installation of parts

While it is not required, we recommend that you swap these parts out at the track. All 4 wheels and tires can be transported in the car. At this stage, you have become more serious about tracking your car and need to think about contingency plans just in case something happens (cord a tire, brake a wheel, use up all your brake pads, etc.). While these problems are extremely rare, there is nothing worse than having to tow your car home after an event for something that could easily be avoided.

Stage 6

Stage 6 is intended for people who are very serious about tracking their Evo X. They are most likely wanting to be competitive in Time Trials or national autocrosses. Basic racing skills have been perfected and now you are looking to get those extra tenths out of every lap.

Stage 6 includes:

  • Coilovers
  • Aim Solo
  • Corner Balance
  • Alignment to EvoD Race specs