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In this post, we will document the work flow necessary to manage a job from start to finish. Thankfully, this process is essentially the same for all of us, regardless of what kind of cars you work on or what you do to them. Below are 6 steps that should occur with every build. It is critical that each step be optimized to ensure the vehicle passes through the shop as quickly as possible. This means setting clear expectations and goals for the person responsible for each step. Think about which person is responsible for each step and make sure they...

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When I was a kid back in the ‘80s there was a TV commercial for a brand of work wear in which a know-all corporate executive is bringing his clients down to the dock to take them to his yacht that was moored in the middle of the harbor. The friendly ferryman tells the exec that, due to the size of the dinghy he’ll be using to get them there, it seems as though it will require two trips to get the job done.   This is met with an angry reply of, “Don’t backchat me, I know boats!” and...

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