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Shopify for e-commerce websites Shopify is the e-commerce website builder that I use. It allows anyone to create a professional looking e-commerce website even if you have no design skills. It has a bunch of additional apps that can be installed for things like: customer reviews and discount codes. Shopify will take your orders and process credit cards. It can also calculate shipping for your products automatically and integrate with UPS, Fedex, and USPS. Many websites that you use daily are built on the Shopify platform. You can check it out here, I hope this helps!

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Introduction   Evolution Dynamics is a relatively small shop just outside of Dallas, TX specializing in the Mitsubishi Evo platform.  It has anywhere from 20-30 cars at the shop and between 15-20 engines being built at any given time.  Handling 15-20 engine builds can be a daunting task if you only have 1 person building the engines.  Keeping the parts straight, knowing what each customer wants, and various components going to different machine shops adds to the difficulty of getting every engine exactly right.  To top it off, building race engines isn't just putting parts together using manufacturer supplied specs. ...

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