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Preface Anyone in the automotive performance world has to work with machine shops at some point or another. They have been around as long as people have been building engines. Interestingly, with so many performance shops doing tuning, performance upgrades, and engine building, the assumption would be that quality performance oriented machine shops would be equally as prevalent. In my experience, this has been far from reality. But the question I ask is, why? There are some excellent memes on social media related to performance shops that go like the following:   With such a demand for quality work, the...

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Introduction   Evolution Dynamics is a relatively small shop just outside of Dallas, TX specializing in the Mitsubishi Evo platform.  It has anywhere from 20-30 cars at the shop and between 15-20 engines being built at any given time.  Handling 15-20 engine builds can be a daunting task if you only have 1 person building the engines.  Keeping the parts straight, knowing what each customer wants, and various components going to different machine shops adds to the difficulty of getting every engine exactly right.  To top it off, building race engines isn't just putting parts together using manufacturer supplied specs. ...

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About English Racing Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple years, you have probably heard of English Racing.  They are a premier destination shop in Camas, WA which is about 15 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon.  English Racing has been a go-to shop for Evo, DSM, and Honda tuning for many years.  More recently, they have been taking in Subaru work as well as building several of the fastest GTRs on the planet.       English Racing's race rig at TX2K15    The shop is owned and run by Lucas English who, like most...

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