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Tool Review 004 - Qwikline Thread Chaser




In our first video tool review, we look at the Qwikline Thread Chaser.  This tool was designed to slip over the end of a damaged bolt, stud, or axle, and reverse off to clean the threads.   We Show a sample of what the tool is capable of doing with a heavily damaged axle threads.   a normal die was unable to thread onto the damaged axle, and couldnt clean the threads.   The Qwikline tool can be used with an impact as well making very quick work of the heavily damaged axle.  We found that the tool easily cleaned the threads on our heavily damaged axle making the axle useable again!  We were using the M22x1.5 thread size chaser which is part number TC1122 which requires their socket part number: ID111.

we purchased the TC1122 from a webpage called american producers for $321

The socket part number ID111 from the same site was an additional $64.05

For further information you can check out Qwiklines webpage here:




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