Episode 069: Greg of GSC Power Division shares his path to manufacturing billet camshafts.

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Episode 069: Greg of GSC Power Division shares his path to manufacturing billet camshafts.

Greg Caloudas has been tinkering with cars his whole life but he never imaged that he would be developing and manufacturing engine internals. His first experience with an import was back in 1999 when he purchased a 1994 Supra. He had seen an upgraded one at a race track and though, “I’ve got to have one!” While in college, Greg majored in Business Management with the plan of working for himself. He wasn’t really interested in the family business of restaurants and real estate. He began modifying his Supra and quickly realized there was a market for him to become a dealer and sell parts online. What started as a side business turned into GSC Motorsports (using his initials as the business name).

One day, Greg was approached by somebody who had some unbranded cams available for Evo’s. There was a long wait for the HKS cams at the time so Greg decided to purchase the 50 or so sets and market them as GSC Cams. He sold all of them in a few months’ time with a relatively unknown business. This result caused Greg to focus more of his efforts on manufacturing and selling camshafts. He realized pretty quickly that he would need to manufacture his own products here in the US versus having them made overseas. This ensures that he can closely monitor and control the quality of his product. Once he decided to dive into manufacturing a billet cam, this became even more important!


Game Changing Product: GSC forged billet camshaft

Software: SolidWorks, EdgeCam

Favorite App: Instagram

Favorite Shop Tool: Okuma GENOS M560-V milling machine

Daily Driver: Cadillac CTS-V wagon

Future of automotive performance: Maintaining and upgrading the older cars for more racing and performance.

Contact Information:
Website – www.power-division.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GSCPowerDivision/
Phone – (843) 852-2727


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