076: Ryan Basseri from Rywire details how he grew his custom wiring business

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076: Ryan Basseri from Rywire details how he grew his custom wiring business

Ryan grew up in Monterey, CA and enjoyed the car scene of that area. His really got into cars was with a Honda CRX back in 1999 and began doing modifications and even engine swaps. He moved to San Jose for college and continued working on his passion for the CRX’s. He started a small wiring business out of his apartment during college to makes small looms and sub-harnesses. This started to grow and Ryan decided to leave college to devote his time to the wiring business. He moved into a house with some friends and turned the place to his own personal wiring shop! But he quickly realized that he needed a more legitimate space to work. So he moved back down to Southern California and rented a shop to grow Rywire.

Since moving, he has continued to grow Rywire to a 2200 sq ft facility and has hired a couple employees. And he still has a partner, Peter, who has been with him from the start. They have accumulated quite the inventory of connectors, plugs, and wires that are needed for the many harnesses they produce.

The bulk of their business comes from ready-made harnesses that are kept in stock. But they do still work on custom projects and customer cars to bring more awareness to the company. And Ryan also teaches a Wiring 101 class for High Performance Academy which can be found here.

Game changing product: Analog over CAN bus chips that allow you to run multiple analog sensors into a circuit board and convert them.

Software: QuickBooks for accounting. Excel and Vizio for pin outs and diagrams

Favorite App: Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat for social media

Favorite shop tool: DMC Crimper

Daily driver: S2000 for daily driving and Tundra for towing.

Future of automotive performance: Electric vehicles and the modification to make more power. Turbo efficiency has taken some big leaps which also increases the efficiency of the engine.

Contact Information:
Website – www.rywire.com
Email – ryan@rywire
Instagram – @ryan_rywire
Facebook - facebook.com/rywire



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