078: Cole Powelson of LYFE Motorsport shares his journey to building the fastest Time Attack R35 GTR in the world

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078: Cole Powelson of LYFE Motorsport shares his journey to building the fastest Time Attack R35 GTR in the world

Cole Powelson grew up racing BMX bikes and first worked assembling bikes at a shop. When he was in high school, he began transitioning his passion towards cars. Fast & Furious came out and this drew Cole to the tuner scene. He went to a technical school and even attended a Porsche factory training program in Atlanta when he was 20. By 22, he had moved back to Salt Lake City and was turning wrenches for a race team while worked at a dealership full time. Around this time, Miller Motorsports Park opened up and provided Cole with more and more motorsports opportunities.

Cole was slowly building up his performance shop while still working full time. This allowed for an easy transition when the time came to do it full time because he already had systems and customers in place to make a go at it. Because of this, he was turning a profit by the second month of running LYFE Motorsport full time. While there were struggles along the way, his preparation and planning helped to mitigate their effect on his business.

Even though he has been in business for several years, growing the business still excites him! His success in racing has opening a lot of doors for cool opportunities. His shop is now 7500 sqft with several lifts, a shipping area, composites area, and a fabrication spot. He also has a 1000 sqft space at Miller Motorsports Park which has a lift and can be used during track events. Lastly, he has 5000 sqft of storage for cars. He employs 7 full time people which he has hired from all over the country, and even from Canada.

He and his team of guys now hold the crown for the fastest R35 Time Attach GRT on the planet with their recent win against the HKS GTR.


Game Changing Product: 3d Printers

Software: Quickbooks for accounting, Autodesk for CAD, My Hours for time tracking

Favorite App: GMail

Favorite Shop Tool: welding machine

Daily Driver: Nissan Leaf

Future of automotive performance: Electric cars

Contact Information:
Website – LyFEMotorsport.com
YouTube - LYFEMotorsport
Instagram – @LYFEMotorsport
Facebook - /LYFEMotorsport


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