077: Jens von Holten shares his story of sailing from South Africa to the Americas and eventually purchasing Fuel Injector Clinic.

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077: Jens von Holten shares his story of sailing from South Africa to the Americas and eventually purchasing Fuel Injector Clinic.

Jens von Holten grew up in Cape town, South Africa during apartheid. While this was pretty difficult, it did open his eyes to understanding how other people experience the world. He received his Mechanic Engineering degree from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town and had aspirations of becoming an engineer for a racing related company. His first position at a race team was the humbling job of sweeping the floor! Jens was willing to do anything to prove himself so he set out to be the best floor cleaner ever. This quickly materialized into promotions within the team and he traveled with the race car all over the country.

To add to his love of racing cars, Jens also enjoy sailing. He and a friend actually sailed from Cape Town to Brazil. They continued on through the Caribbean and then ran out of money when they reached Ft Lauderdale. They stayed for a while and then Jens collected enough money to return to Cape Town to finish his college degree. He then took a position with a Jackie Stewart’s team in England. He got to work on some really cool projects with the Formula 2000 cars (1 step below Formula 1). Things came full circle when Jens hopped on another sailboat and returned to the US. He was offered a warehouse job by his original sailing partner who stayed in the US. He worked in that business for several years and took a break from the racing scene.

Years went by and a friend turned Jens on to an injector company that was up for sale. It was appealing to him because the product was physically small, the time requirement for the business wasn’t too large, and the price was right. So Jens decided to buy the company and enter the injector market in 2007. This company was called Fuel Injector Clinic. He has grown the company to 9 employees over this time and still enjoys working in the industry. This growth did not come without struggle, though. Jens had a lot of trouble with the original owner not understanding the non-compete clause written into the purchase contract. This led to a lot of headaches and litigation that ended up going nowhere.

Fuel Injector Clinic has teamed up with ASNU in an attempt to create the volume needed to be taken seriously by the injector manufacturers as far as scale goes. FIC has also partnered with Holley to help match their injectors for all the newly EFI controlled Pro Mod cars. Jens believe that the company should work for you, not the other way around. He values his work/life balance and tries to not work crazy hours all the time.

Looking forward, Jens is excited about direct injection and is looking for possible partnerships with pump companies. And he sees a rejuvenation of the port injection with all of the issues being seen with direct only injection engines, mainly dirty valves. This provides another avenue to sell aftermarket injectors.

Game changing product: Drones and all of their applications

Software: Quickbooks for accounting, Excel

Favorite App: Google Maps

Favorite Shop Tool: Custom flow bench and the data that it can collect

Daily driver: Evo X

Future of automotive performance: May have to adapt to future regulations but the market will always be there.

Contact Information:
Website – www.FuelInjectorClinic.com
Email – Info@FuelInjectorClinic.com
Instagram – Facebook.com/FuelInjectorClinic
Facebook - @FuelInjectorClinic
Phone – 561-427-0082


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