084: JP from Radium Engineering tells how he concentrates on design and outsources the manufacturing

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084: JP from Radium Engineering tells how he concentrates on design and outsources the manufacturing

Jeremy Powell (aka JP) grew up in Florida and his family couldn’t care less about the car culture. JP spent his early years skating and building ramps. When he graduated high school in 1995, he bought a Honda Civic and started to modify it with an intake and some headers. After feeling zero performance gains, he decided to bolt on a turbo kit which really woke the car up! From here on out, he became addicted to performance. During college, he decided that he wanted to work in the aftermarket automotive industry. He mailed a copy of his resume all over the country to various parts manufacturers in hopes of landing a job. After a few weeks went by, he received a voicemail from AEM and ended up getting an interview! He landed the job and began development on their first ECU which became known as the AEM Series 1. A few years passed and he received a job offer from HP Freaks in Oregon. His new job was to design and manufacture parts for BMW’s. After a few years, he decided to start making totally unrelated parts on the side and unofficially started Radium Engineering. Fast forward to 2015 and they decide to make a legit business out of it and go full time.

They started into the fuel management system while upgrading a Lotus. It had really bad starvation problems and had a fuel pump that was very difficult to access. They decided to make a surge tank for the car to get around having to deal with the stock pump. This is how they got started down the path of making fuel systems for various cars! Radium Engineering is still just 3 people and they are now in Portland, Oregon and rent a 3,000-square foot facility. They outsource all of the CNC machining, laser etching, anodizing, and powder coating and have no plans to ever buy their own equipment. This allows them to focus on the design, assembly, and shipping their products.

Game Changing Product: Brushless fuel pumps and 3D printers

Software: Solid Works for CAD design, Photoshop to make instructions, Illustrator for logos, and Excel

Favorite App: Podcast app and Pandora

Favorite Shop Tool: 12’ FARO arm

Daily Driver: Toyota Tundra

Future of automotive performance: Autonomous vehicles replacing cars needing drivers.

Contact Information:
Website – www.RadiumAuto.com
Email – JP@RadiumAuto.com
Instagram – @RadiumEngineering
Facebook – /RadiumEngineering


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