090: Hear what it takes to start a performance shop with James Siebert of F&S Motorsports

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090: Hear what it takes to start a performance shop with James Siebert of F&S Motorsports

James Siebert has partnered with his friend and fellow car enthusiast, Scott Frazho, to start their own brick and mortar performance shop. They have both been interested in and have owned Mitsubishi’s over the years and exchanged stories at the annual Buschur Shootout. Individually, they both have been working on friend’s cars in the respective garages and would purchase parts via another shop to install on customer’s cars. They also would buy race cars, part them out, return them to stock, and then sell them to raise working capital.

In 2016, they decided to partner up and create F&S Motorsports. In the beginning, they just had a website that sold parts, but in November, they opened their brick and mortar location in Michigan to begin working on customer cars. Scott is about 30 minutes from the shop, but Jason commutes 1.5 hours each way to be at the shop. The hours are pretty brutal now, but he considers the initial time as an investment in the company with the intention that it will pay off in the future.

They are navigating the waters of starting a business with building up their customer base, marketing their business, and figuring out the best packages to offer their customers. We will be following up with James and F&S Motorsports in the future to see how they are progressing.

Game Changing Product: LPS Fab Alpha Lock Clamps 

Software: Excel and QuickBooks

Favorite App: Facebook Messenger

Shop Tool: Lunati rod bolt stretch gauge 

Daily Driver: 2012 Ford F-250 diesel

Future of automotive performance: Continued innovation in the sport compact market and electric cars

Contact Information:
Website – FandSMotorsports.com
Instagram – @FandSMotors
Facebook - /FandSMotorsports
Phone – 419-704-3283


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