091: Mike and Rossy Welch tell us how they met and built Road Race Engineering

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091: Mike and Rossy Welch tell us how they met and built Road Race Engineering

Mike got his start with race cars by being a corner worker at the local track. After a near-death experience with a crashing car, Mike decided to move to tech inspection. Here, he started to offer repair services to the guys going through tech and then branched out to helping them modify the race cars. Then he dabbled in co-driving with Rod Millen and helping them build cars. Mike was then approached by a friend who wanted to open a shop so they opened Road Race in late 1993. Over the years, the business never really got a strong footing and the friend left the company. This forced Mike to reevaluate his situation and move the business to a smaller & cheaper location. This was at the same time that he started to focus on Mitsubishi’s. When the Evo hit the states in 2003, the market changed pretty drastically. Road Race went from mainly selling parts online to mainly installing parts and tuning customer cars.

During a race in Mexico, Mike met Rossy. She had grown up in drag racing and was checking out the rally racing. They hit it off and Mike proceeded to go out of his way to help Rossy’s team with parts and repairs. They married 3 years later and now Rossy runs the shop. Road Race is now in a 6500-square foot building and is made up of 8 people. They specialize in Evo’s but still work on a lot of DSM’s and still dabble in various random vehicles.

Software: Quickbooks, My Shop Assist, various tuning software platforms

Favorite App: Instagram

Favorite Shop Tool: Big Hammer

Daily Driver: Box Van, Utility truck,

Future of automotive performance: Electric cars

Contact Information:
Website – RoadRaceEngineering.com
Instagram – @RoadRaceEngineering
Facebook - /RoadRaceEngineeringOfficial


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