097: Sam Barros of Nostrum Energy saw a need for aftermarket direct injection injectors and is meeting the demand.

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097: Sam Barros of Nostrum Energy saw a need for aftermarket direct injection injectors and is meeting the demand.

Sam Barros came to the US to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at Michigan Tech University. During college, Sam interned at a nuclear power plant as a system engineer and loved the idea of working at a large engineering firm. But, when Sam graduate, he went a completely different direction. He moved to California and worked as a special effects engineer doing high-voltage special effects.

One day, Sam got a random phone call from a very prominent businessman, Nermal Mouliea, who proposed that Sam come work for him on a new fuel efficiency project. Sam did a little research to find out if this was the real deal, and it turned out to be true. So Sam packed up his stuff and headed to New Jersey to head the project. The idea was to spray water directly into the combustion chamber to reduce heat losses within the engine. While the idea is similar to water/methanol injection of many forced induction applications, this idea took it to the next level and very accurately injected fine water particles into the cylinder. They were able to achieve 25% increase in fuel efficiency with this system. While this was an excellent result, the problem was implementation. It is very difficult to modify an existing engine and even more difficult to get an OEM manufacturer to implement it in a new engine.

So, they took this technology and applied it to fuel injectors. While the OEM’s were coming out with Direct Injection (DI) engines, the aftermarket had not been able to keep up. They now manufacture and modify injectors for many engines to supply the aftermarket customers looking for more power in their DI engines. EFI University is teaching a class on DI tuning using Nostrum Energy’s Cadillac featuring their injectors. They work with companies such as Lingenfelter who provides a larger high pressure fuel pump for many applications. In addition to the DI applications, Nostrum Energy also manufactures their own Port Injection (PI) injectors. They are unique by integrating a divorced spray pattern to inject fuel directly down each port.


Game Changing Product: Calibration support for new platforms

Software: Solid Works, Flow (Single fluid CFD), Converge for mixed fluid CFD

Favorite Shop Tool: Teptronics 204 Oscilloscope

Daily Driver: 2014 Nissan GTR

Future of automotive performance: Standalone ECU’s will become more and more sophisticated and more hybrids

Contact Information:
Website – NostrumShop.com NostrumEnergy.com
Facebook - /NostrumEnergy
Instagram - @NostrumEnergy


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