098: Kenny Tran of Jotech Motorsports says passion and focus are the keys to success

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098: Kenny Tran of Jotech Motorsports says passion and focus are the keys to success

Kenny immigrated to the US from Vietnam and acquired his love of cars through his cousin who subscribed to every car magazine imaginable. They would pour over pictures and specs and dreamed of owning one of these sports cars. His passion for cars continued to grow and in 1995, he started to work at Jo-Tech which was started by his brother-in-law. Kenny was going to college for business administration but decided to purchase Jo-Tech instead of finishing his degree. The opportunity was too good to pass up, so he took the plunge and bought the business.

Kenny quickly grew the business and began sponsoring a drag racer to get his name out there. They were doing good and going faster and faster each time they went out. Sadly, while his team was repairing the car on the side of the road one night, they were hit by a drunk driver and totaled the car and severely injured several people. Kenny tried to bounce back by building his own car, but that was also hit by somebody and totaled. Not one to quit, Kenny went and purchased a Civic with lofty goals of making it run 11’s in the quarter mile. They were successful in their first night with the car and then quickly got down into the 10’s.

Coming from this success, Kenny decided to take the car to California to compete with the big guys. They were able to set the world record for a Honda Civic and solidify their name as a very fast performance shop. While going to many races each year, Kenny happened to meet a marketing director at Scion and they wanted to partner up on a drag car. He capitalized on this new relationship and then leveraged that to work with other companies to join as partners with the racing program. Kenny has taken this success and built up quite the reputation as an elite GTR builder but he also works on many other platforms to meet the needs of his customers.

 Game Changing Product: Tuning software

Favorite App: Facebook and Instagram

Favorite Shop Tool: Electric impact

Daily Driver: Lexus GS450h

Future of automotive performance: More forced induction

Contact Information:
Website – JotechRacing.com
Instagram – @JotechMotorsports
Facebook – /JotechMotorsports


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