099: Ron Sledge gives some insight on how King Engine Bearings operates in the US.

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099: Ron Sledge gives some insight on how King Engine Bearings operates in the US.

Ron Sledge has spent his life excited about cars and knew from an early age that he wanted to work on them as a career. He started his career in the aftermarket in the early 70’s at Michigan Engine Bearings as an industrial engineer. He got them involved in NASCAR in the early 80’s and traveled all over the country going to the races. In 2010, Ron starter working at King Engine Bearings. Ron has worked to double the sales since he started and solidified King Engine Bearings as a premier motorsports-grade bearing.

He has stayed in Kentucky, and now gets to work from home. King Engine Bearings employs several people scattered all over the country to maintain operations in North America. King Engine Bearings is actually headquartered in Israel, so it is paramount to have good communication among all employees. In total, King has about 250 employees with manufacturing and sales worldwide.

King focuses on OE replacement bearings, high performance upgraded bearings, and even aviation bearings. They work closely with customers to determine which platforms to develop new products for. They will be releasing a new coating this year which they released at PRI 2016 to address some of these customer concerns.

Contact Information:
Website – www.KingBearings.com
Facebook – /King.Bearing

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  • Rich Bailey

    Ron is a great representative for King Engine Bearings. I have learned quite a bit from him over the phone. As far as the products go, King make the best bearing in the performance business. I have had great results with them.

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