104: Ben Horst of Eddy Motorworks epitomizes the term “hot rod” with his Tesla-powered Exocet

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104: Ben Horst of Eddy Motorworks epitomizes the term “hot rod” with his Tesla-powered Exocet


Ben started tinkering with cars when he got into high school. When he enrolled at Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering (with a minor in Chemistry), his interest grafted towards electric cars. He participated in making a solar vehicle and modifying a Camaro to be a hybrid. Then he took it to the next level and made a tube-chassis hybrid car from scratch using a V-Twin engine, a forklift AC motor, a snowmobile CVT transmission, and batteries from a Smart Car.

Ben kept bumping into Kevin Patrick of Exomotive at car shows around Atlanta. They got to talking and decided to team up to produce the Electrocet. It’s an electric version of the Exocet using driveline components from a Tesla Model S. To get the company going, Ben applied to an incubator at Georgia Tech and they decided to invest in Eddy Motorworks. They have created a teaser video that you can watch here.

Their business model is to assemble the Electrocet’s and sell to customers as well as doing electric car conversions to conventional vehicles. They have been chosen as a semifinalist in the 2017 SEMA Launch Pad Competition. If they make it to the finals, they get to pitch their company and compete with 9 other business ideas for a chance at a free booth at SEMA in 2018 and lots of publicity.


Game Changing Product: NIO EP9 race car

Software: Slack for communication, Trello for planning, AutoCAD for 2D, Siemens NX for 3D

Favorite App: McMaster-Carr app

Favorite Shop Tool: CNC Plasma table

Daily Driver: ND Miata

Future of automotive performance: The performance industry will have to focus on driver feel since technology is taking cars further and further from user control.

Contact Information:
Website – www.eddymotorworks.com
Facebook – /EddyMotorworks


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