122: David Schardt of Forgeline Motorsports continues to push the envelope with their carbon+forged wheels

122: David Schardt of Forgeline Motorsports continues to push the envelope with their carbon+forged wheels


David was born and raised in Ohio and has been there his entire life. Growing up, he was very active in outdoor activities and his dad was racing. By the time he was 18, he had his SCCA license and was racing pretty regularly. When he went to college, he started off in Accounting but changed it to HR and Psychology. During school, he wrote a business plan to distribute wheels in the Midwest. His dad owned Dayton Wire Wheels and he noticed there was a void in the market of distributing wheels. After working in a wheel & tire store after college, he decided to make his business plan a reality and begin distributing wheels.

Steve (David's twin brother) and their dad originally had the idea for a custom welded 2-piece wheel that they could cater to the needs of their customers. This business also took off quickly and Steve brought David in as a partner to help manage the business. They now use their own skill sets to work together to continue to grow the company.

David had to shut down the distribution business in 2007 because they couldn’t compete with the Chinese manufacturers who were selling wheels for much cheaper and consigning wheels to their customers. It was just not financially viable to continue to compete in that space so they closed the business to focus on the manufacturing wheels.

Recently, they have begun using a carbon fiber barrel and their machined center section to make an extremely lightweight wheel. It drops about 10lb from their lightest wheel previously offered. These wheels are very enticing for electric car customers looking to change the look and performance of their vehicle.

Game Changing Product: Supercharger for outboard boat motors.

Software: QuickBooks, AutoDesk Product Lifecycle Management, SolidWorks

Phone App: Trello for managing projects

Favorite Tool: Torque wrench

Daily Driver: Denali HD truck

Future of automotive performance: Using newer material for stronger and lighter components.  

Contact Information:
Website – Forgeline.com
Instagram – @Forgeline
Facebook – /Forgeline


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