Episode 040: Kevin Dubois from My Shop Assist discusses the importance of accurately tracking your builds

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Episode 040: Kevin Dubois from My Shop Assist discusses the importance of accurately tracking your builds


Kevin Dubois is the co-founder of My Shop Assist, a project management system designed specifically for aftermarket automotive shops.  He took his experience (and mistakes) as the owner of Evolution Dynamics to create a tool to help owners run their shop more efficiently.  After a tremendous crash at Pikes Peak in 2012, he decided it was time to buckle down and get serious about turning his performance shop from a hobby to a real business.

Action items for this week: Create a list of things where you can improve and make a plan to slowly address those areas.

Software: My Shop Assist, QuickBooks, Team Viewer to tie all computers together, Google Drive, Basecamp to manage My Shop Assist development, Slack for group messaging

Favorite App: Team Viewer on the iPhone.

Shop Tool: Dynojet, Ultrasonic cleaner, Circlip Injector

Game changing product: Hybrid turbos

Future of automotive performance: Technology is the driving force in our industry.  The barrier to entry is going to be very high and may even require an engineering degree just to get started.


Exciting news for DoItForALiving:

  • Reid has partnered with the guys over at My Shop Assist to providing more content
    • Release 1 new episode every week starting in 2016
  • Kevin Dubois will become main interviewer
    • Reid will still be doing several interviews throughout the year
    • Todd Earsley will also be a contributing speaker
  • Topic based episodes. We want to focus on various topics and interview several key players in each. For instance – Sponsorship
    • Betim Berisha of BBI Autosport – How to sponsor individuals as a shop
    • Jimi Day of FM3 Marketing – How to get the most value out of sponsoring an event (such as TX2K or Airstip Attack)
    • Rhys Millen – How to act as a professional
    • Lucas English of English Racing – How to build and capitalize on a flagship shop car
    • Mark Jager – How to create a brand around yourself as an amateur racer


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