Episode 061: Don Herring Jr gives us an insight into how successful dealerships are operated

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Episode 061: Don Herring Jr gives us an insight into how successful dealerships are operated


Don explains the ins and outs of running a successful dealership. While dealerships are often considered in a negative light, they are in the business of making money and are pretty efficient at doing so. Don provides valuable insight about the methods and metrics they use to gauge success and make decisions. They hold weekly status meetings and utilize software to track and delegate every aspect of the business. Listen in to gain knowledge about ways that you can improve operations at your shop!

Don Herring Jr. started his automotive career at 12 when he began washing cars at a dealership. During high school, he moved up to work in the parts department. He went off to college thinking he was going to become a doctor, then changed plans with the hopes of entering the air force. Unfortunately, his timing coincided with the end of the cold war and his aspirations of entering the air force diminished. So he again turned his attention to the automotive industry. He was making very good money being a car salesman during college and moved back to Dallas to join the family dealership. By 2005, his family had 3 dealerships and Don Herring Jr was in charge of the third dealership. He survived the 2008 economic turndown and 2015 has been their best year since then.


Software: Dealertrack, Excel for reports

Favorite App: Facebook and Email

Shop Tool: CVIR – Computerized Vehicle Inspection Report

Game changing product: The introduction of the 2016 Outlander.

Daily driver: Outlander Sport GT

Future of automotive performance: More turbo offerings from Mitsubishi and others. Also more performance hybrids (electric assist)

Contact Information:
Website – DonHerring.com
Phone numbers:
Plano – 469-443-1900
Irving – 972-785-3100
Dallas – 214-372-7850


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