Episode 063: Jack McGee of Jacks Transmissions shares how he has improved his business by working smarter, not harder

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Episode 063: Jack McGee of Jacks Transmissions shares how he has improved his business by working smarter, not harder


Jack McGee’s earliest memories of working on electronics, and even repairing VCR’s when he was 8. All of this was taking place in Jack’s home country of Spain and a little bit in Italy. It wasn’t until he was 15 that his father retired from the military and they moved to Colorado Springs, CO where he still lives today.

His first real business venture was partnering with local electronic stores and repair various items these stores would collect. This was a great venture for a while but he could see the market beginning to shrink and decided to stop this side repair business. He entered the workforce as a typical employee: guaranteed work, benefits, overtime pay, etc. But it just didn’t satisfy his need for exciting work. So he left this job and spent some time taking a break from life responsibilities. A few years go by and Jack ended up purchasing a Galant VR4 which he eventually rebuilt the trans for. Word spread that he was doing this and he started doing more and more work on these cars. One thing led to another and Jack looked up one day and had purchased a 5000 square foot building which he still works out of today.

Now, Jack does everything he can to make the customers happy and keep improving his business. Difficult problems have arisen, but he and his team have done whatever they could to solve any issues that customers may encounter. And he is continually looking for ways to increase the efficiency at his shop. With 13 employees, this task is quite daunting but totally worth it when they can cut out wasteful activities. This has helped Jacks Transmissions become more successful than ever and given them direction on where to focus their efforts.


Game changing product: Compact/mini CNC machines. They make it much more affordable to make small pieces in house.

Software: QuickBooks and My Shop Assist

Shop Tool: Work computer

Daily driver: 2013 GTR

Future of automotive performance: Electric cars

Contact Information:
Website – www.jackstransmissions.com
Phone number – 719-268-6011
Email – sales@jackstransmissions.com
Instagram – @jackstrans


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