Episode 071: Terry Fair of Vorshlag Motorsports exposes the hard truths of purchasing CNC machines

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Episode 071: Terry Fair of Vorshlag Motorsports exposes the hard truths of purchasing CNC machines

Terry Fair started doing paint and body work at 14 even though his family really didn’t have any interested in cars. Terry’s decision on which college to attend was based on an invite from a friend to go check out an autocross held by Texas A&M in College Station, TX. He had never seen anything like it and he totally fell in love. He went for a couple rides with people that he still works with to this day.

After college, Terry and his wife, Amy, moved to Houston and he began working in the oil industry. He was still wrenching on the side to keep the automotive passion alive. In 2005, Terry had moved to Dallas and teamed up with an old college buddy to create a real business out working on cars. They created Vorshlag (which means absolutely nothing) and started to specialize in LS swaps back before it was cool. In 2006, they flew to Holland and teamed up with AST to create a mono-tube motorsports shock. Eventually, Terry bought out a business that built camber plates and this became the main product for Vorshlag. He has moved a couple times but stresses having a nice, clean facility for customers to see and experience the level of professionalism at Vorshlag. His current space is 7500 square feet and employs 6 people.

Recently, Terry dove in and bought his own CNC machines to manufacture his parts. He made this decision because he was getting more and more frustrated working with outside vendors to manufacture both prototype parts and production pieces.

Software: Quickbooks, Solid Works, GibbsCam

Favorite App: Waze navigation app

Favorite Shop Tool: CNC Machines

Future of automotive performance: LS motors will continue to get better

Contact Information:
Website – www.Vorshlag.com
Facebook – facebook.com/Vorshlag
Vorshlag YouTube page
Phone – 972-422-7170


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