Episode 072: David Buschur holds nothing back and details his 25-year history modifying cars

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Episode 072: David Buschur holds nothing back and details his 25-year history modifying cars


David first realized the potency of a turbo when his dad (driving his Turbo Buick) smoked his V8 Monte Carlo from a light. This led David to trade in his Monte Carlo for an AWD Eagle Talon in 1989. He bought an air filter and an exhaust for the car and ran a mid-13 sec ¼ mile which amazed all the big V8 guys. From this point forward, David was hooked! He immediately began making parts he needed to see what the car was doing and to make it go faster. David got involved with an email community and began selling parts he made all over the country.

David and a few of his buddies got together and had the first unofficial Shootout with a total of 4 people in 1991. The next year, David organized the first official Shootout and 8 people showed up. His attendance to the event doubled (at least) every year as the platform became more and more potent. Now in its 26th year, The Buschur Shootout (DSM/Evo Shootout and some GTR’s) is enormous and cars come from all over to compete and show off.

In this interview, David stays true to himself and has no problem calling people out. He was kind enough to keep some names out if it, but don’t think he is holding back. When you have been in the industry as long as he has, you learn a thing or two about loyalty. While David refers to himself as the “dumb redneck” sometimes, he continues to push the envelope in the tuning world.


Game changing product: Holley HydraMat. Billet manufacturing

Software: QuickBooks

Favorite App: TextNow app and Instagram

Favorite shop tool: Welder, chop saw, and bench grinder

Daily Driver: EcoBoost F150

Future of automotive performance: Technology will continue to improve like traction control

Contact Information:
Website – www.buschurracing.com
Instagram – @BuschurRacing
Facebook – /BuschurRacing
Phone – 440-839-1900
Email: david@br-racing.com
Tech line – 440-652-5695


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